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Effective research is a powerful business tool

The Ludlow WiRE Network is holding its next meeting on Tuesday 28 February 2012 at 7pm at The Charlton Arms at Ludford Bridge in Ludlow giving you the opportunity to learn about how using research can help your business.

Jill Ming from Building Beginnings, a historical research business, is going to talk about effective research as a powerful tool that enables you to make informed decisions for your business.

From market research to customer feedback, collecting and analysing information provides you with evidence that underpins every aspect of your business. Research not only supports your choices but also provides you with a template for reviewing and updating them in the future.

Jill Ming explains: “Knowing where to find the information you need and using your research can give you confidence that whatever business decisions you make will be informed ones.”

Her presentation will be followed by a Q&A session where the group has also the opportunity to discuss and share best practice and experience with the varied aspects of research. Afterwards there will be plenty of time for refreshments and networking.

The event is part of a series of monthly meetings throughout the year where Ludlow Network Leader Pen Harrison introduces a variety of themes in order to enhance business know-how.

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