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Shrewsbury calling – here is the news

IMG_62901628  A great flood; ten men and women were drowned in Frankwell on Christmas Day.

1630  The plague was in Shrewsbury, only in St Chad’s parish.

1633  A great earthquake New Year’s Day at 2 o’clock in the morning.

1634  A very great frost and snow. A storm of hail the stones as large as walnuts fell on 23 June.

1642  King Charles came from Nottingham to Shrewsbury with his army on Tuesday 28 September and there much increased it. On 12 October the King marched from Salop with his army.

1644  On 22 February Shrewsbury was taken by the Parliament forces; several tradesmen ruined by plundering and the goods of gentlemen and strangers and plate of those who brought them into the garrison were all plundered amounting in the whole to a great sum.

whale1647  A woman was burnt behind the walls for poisoning her husband.

1649  The plague began in Salop 23 January and lasted till Christide.

1672  A small whale came up the River Severn and was taken. An earthquake the 6th October in the night.

1727  On Wednesday 19 July about 4 o’clock in the morning was an earthquake which lasted about 4 minutes but did little damage.

1737  May 13th between 1 and 2 o’clock in the morning an earthquake.

1739  War declared against Spain.

1744  War declared against France.

1748  Peace proclaimed with France, Spain and their allies. Fireworks were prepared and they began to play; by some accident the magazine took fire and went off altogether, by which means the rare show was spoiled and several people frightened, but none hurt.

Source: Phillips W (ed) William Cartwright, nonjuror, and his chronological history of Shrewsbury in Salopian Archaeological Society Transactions, Series 4, Volume IV

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