Building Beginnings


tea serviceWould your New Year’s Resolution be published in the local paper? Here are some who made it into the press:

1931: Today’s Motley medal is awarded to Miss Henrietta Hawkins of Hexham who is still going without sugar in her tea.

1917: The nation as a whole enters upon 1917 resolved that before it has run its course the enemy shall be so decisively beaten that he shall be ready to submit to the only terms that will satisfy us.

1907: I will not endanger my health by buying trashy

1923: Why not buy a BBC wireless receiving instrument? Listening in with a Victoria Superphone is simply glorious. Order at once to prevent disappointment.

1905: A correspondent asks me if there is any particular magic about the first day of the year. People who never trouble their heads about their character and habits during the other 364 days do, on the first day of January, commit themselves to a variety of good resolutions. The answer is obvious – there is no magic about the day on which people make the good resolutions, but there would be plenty of magic in the other 364 if those resolutions lasted the year out.

old telephone1934 (following the installation of the telephone in his house): This telephone is all very well but it is a luxury. Never, therefore, shall I use it if I can avoid doing so by writing, walking or waiting. But within a week I was ringing my friends in the early morning to ask them how they had slept and occasionally bringing them out of bed at night to wish them pleasant dreams.

1929: I might resolve to smile cheerfully when my landlady sets a blackened kipper before me, and hopes she hasn’t been and burned it.

1936: Join our Christmas Club. Oh no.



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