Do you run a business in an old property?

Researching your business premises's historyEnhance the atmosphere of your property by discovering its history…

  • Discover hidden secrets that you can use to promote your property to potential visitors – on your website, in leaflets, brochures, and tourism publications, offering them the experience of visiting or staying in a period property and engaging with its history.
  • Answer questions from customers or guests about the history of your property, adding an extra dimension to your business from within its walls.
  • Use historical aspects of your property in room names, menu items, or themed events.
  • Generate media interest in interesting characters or stories relating to your property.
  • Invest in your property by learning about its history and let its past contribute to its future.

When customers or guests first see your property or walk through its doors, how much is history a part of its appeal? Many people choose pubs, hotels, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses in period properties because of their charm, character and links with tradition and heritage. But what if you could discover more about the history of your building and how it was used in the past that would add to the attraction of your property and provide your customers or guests with an even better visitor experience?

Historical Highlights at The Charlton Arms, Ludlow


Our Historical Highlights wall display panels are ideal for providing a summary of your property’s history that are easy to read, full of interesting facts, and illustrated with maps, images and document extracts, all on permanent display. They can also be produced in booklet form for inclusion in room packs for people to enjoy on your premises or take away as a souvenir to remind them to revisit or to share with family and friends.

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