Would you like to find out about your ancestral home?

Have you traced your family history and now want to discover more about where they came from? Discovering your family’s origins and even their old home is a fulfilling experience enriched by learning more of their lives in that place…

  • Build on the genealogical facts you have collected to expand your understanding of your family history.
  • Learn about their home town or village, church, school and workplace.
  • See images of where they lived, the lanes they walked, and the places they visited. It may inspire you to visit your ancestral home one day and experience a real link with your family’s past.
Jill Ming outside her ancestral home

Outside my 3 x great-grandfather’s house

We can help you find out more about your ancestral home in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Powys and the West Midlands. We can supplement your family history by exploring place-based records to search for your ancestors in local, county or national archives on your behalf.

We can also visit your ancestral town or village and photograph key places of interest to give you a visual record of the place today that will help you imagine how it used to be when your ancestors lived there.

Discovering your ancestral home is a powerful emotional experience that brings you closer to your family origins.

For a free quotation, tell us your family’s name, where they came from and what you would like to find out.