Are you curious about the history of your house?

Travel back in time with your own personally researched house history that you can treasure for years to come…

  • Discover the answers to those questions you have always wanted to know about your house.
  • Enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of living in an old property.
  • Experience the thrill of the chase as we trace your property back through the centuries. We will keep you fully informed of our research progress and let you know of any exciting discoveries.
  • Share your house’s history with visitors, family, and friends. You will have all the history of your property in one place – convenient, accessible and full of interesting information. You’ll be able to tell them the stories, answer their questions, and show them copies of old documents about your house.Discover the age of your house

Whether you have just moved to your property or lived in it for years you may well have wondered about different aspects of its history during that time. What were its origins? How did it develop? How was it used? Who used to own it and who lived there? What sort of people were they and how did they earn a living? Did it have land and, if so, where was it?

One of the delights of living in an old property is the opportunity it presents to discover the answer to these questions, but perhaps you don’t have the time, the inclination or the expertise to do the work yourself? That’s where we can help.

Our specialist experience of researching old properties in county and national archives enables us to find all manner of documents, maps, plans and images that each contribute to the history of your house. Careful and systematic analysis of these records means we can piece together a chronological story of the property and the people who have been connected with it through the centuries. Your personal house history is fully illustrated and can be produced in a number of finishes including full colour photo book.

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