Investing in your property by discovering its history

Researching the history of a building involves consulting a wide range of documentary sources, most of which are not available online, and we work mainly in county record offices examining records in their archives. Our charges reflect the amount of time we spend researching these records, analysing the information they provide, and writing, editing and producing your report.

The principal factors affecting the price you pay for a house history are:

  • The age of the property
    Clearly it will take a great deal longer to research the history of a property that is 500 years old than one which was built 100 years ago, so this is the most significant consideration. For this reason we price our research service by the number of centuries of research you would like us to carry out. This can be estimated if the age of the property is unclear, and adjusted with your agreement if the property turns out to be younger or older.
  • How much of a property’s history you want to know
    As our product descriptions illustrate we can conduct a Full House History covering every aspect of your property’s past from when it was built to the present day, Historical Highlights giving you an overview from different periods of its history, or bespoke research on particular aspects or stories you would like us to investigate.
  • Whether you would like an architectural survey
    While the previous two factors determine the amount of documentary research we carry out, we can also arrange for our architectural historian to survey your building to help determine its age and physical development from how it was constructed, the materials used, and surviving period features. These aspects in combination with documentary research offer the most comprehensive history of a building. We can provide an initial assessment of whether an architectural survey would be worthwhile as this depends on the extent to which a property has been altered, the survival of visible period features, and safe access to attics, roof space and cellars.

Our prices are listed below. We will always give you a quotation for our service based on your particular requirements.

To request a no-obligation quotation, please contact us giving a brief outline of what you would like to find out, the approximate age of your property (if known), your address and how you would like us to contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you!