Are you planning to alter or restore your property?

What can the walls of your house tell you about its history?

Embarking on alterations to your property is an ideal opportunity to examine the history of the building while some of its construction methods, materials and interior features are temporarily exposed. In fact it may be one of the few occasions in a building’s life when it is possible to see parts of its internal structure that enable a trained eye to identify important clues about its history.

Discovering the history of your property can…

  • Provide you with important information to ensure that your renovations are in keeping with the building’s history.
  • Reveal earlier features or internal layouts that help you understand how the building was used.
  • Give you authentic historical facts about your property you can use to support your proposed alterations, protect against future developments, and enthuse potential buyers if you decide to move.

With access to normally hidden parts of the building, our architectural historian can examine your property and use its structural and material clues to develop a picture of when the property was built and its different phases of development through the centuries. While they are examining the building, our archive researcher can collect documentary information about the property’s past from a wide range of records, images, maps and plans. Together these two strands of investigation help to answer questions about when a building was constructed and altered, why changes were made, who made them, and even where the money might have come from to fund the work.

Our report combines this information into an interesting account of your property’s history that not only informs your changes, but provides an enduring record of the building’s history for future reference and interest.

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