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  • Show and tell

    I love exhibiting my house history business at shows. It’s a great opportunity to showcase my work, to talk to people about their houses, and pick up new business. It’s also an ideal place to do some market research: to find out what attracts people to finding out about their property’s past, what they really want to know, how they think it will make them feel about their house, and so on. And when there’s a lull, you can just people watch. Is the man in the pink corduroy trousers a potential house history customer? Why is that man wearing shorts and sandals when everyone else is wrapped up in fleeces and boots? Doesn’t that woman look like Helen Mirren? But I digress.

    When I first started attending shows I wondered why people asked questions when the answers were displayed on my stand. But I soon realised that these exploratory questions were just a way of showing interest and an essential part of the dialogue. Most people want to know what I can find out and how much it costs but I do get some more unusual requests. Can you research the history of a greenhouse? Can you research a house in Brittany? Can you find a house from a set of keys?

    People come to the stand because they are interested, curious or intrigued. Some like to browse through our discovery stories and look at our portfolio, others want to chat about their house or ask questions, and some just want to get started right away. And every now and again, you are just what some one was looking for but didn’t know you existed. Result.

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