Are you looking for an unusual gift to commemorate a special occasion?


A house history special birthday giftSometimes it’s a struggle to find a suitable present for a person who ‘has everything’. And for those signficant birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations it can be hard to think of a unique gift that will delight someone special.

Imagine their surprise when your loved one opens your generous gift and sees such an original and memorable present. Their house history will be an enduring reminder of the occasion that will give pleasure for many years.

Our personalised, professionally researched house history presented in a full-colour photo book is the ideal gift for someone special who lives in a period property. We can research the history of any property and you don’t need to know anything about the building yourself, although any information you can provide is always helpful.

If it’s a surprise gift, we can be relied upon to be discreet and your secret will be safe with us – we have carried out many such commissions and love the thrill of delivering a total surprise. We can include your special message or dedication at the front of the book, as well as any images that have particular significance.

An alternative approach is to think of your gift as the beginning of a journey that involves your loved one right from the start. They can enjoy telling us about their home, saying what they would like us to find out, relish receiving our progress updates with previews of exciting maps and documents – and still have the benefit of the luxurious, rich house history book at the culmination of the project.

For a free quotation, contact us with details of your requirements, the property, and the date of the special occasion.